Tigo - Gateway Wireless Communication Unit
Tigo - Gateway Wireless Communication Unit

Tigo - Gateway Wireless Communication Unit

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The Tigo Energy Gateway provides robust and scalable wireless communications with each smart module. This solution provides clear, concise communication with the smart modules on the array, vastly exceeding the quality of data transmission over previous powerline methods. Each Gateway can communicate with up to 120 smart modules, and easily combines with other Gateways to accommodate larger arrays.

The Tigo Gateway improves data management to your solar array by wirelessly communicating with Tigo Cloud Connect. The Tigo Gateway enables module-level monitoring, alerts, and greatly improves safety with module-level deactivation. Available for utility, commercial and residential solar energy installations.

Tigo Gateways are installed in the center of each array they manage, and can be conveniently mounted to the back of a module, or to the racking. The versatile Gateway works seamlessly with all standard photovoltaic modules and inverters.

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