GSE Lateral Flashing - Universal - 1290mm - Black
GSE Lateral Flashing - Universal - 1290mm - Black

GSE Lateral Flashing - Universal - 1290mm - Black

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This is a black lateral flashing, which can be placed along the side of a PV array during the installation of an In-Roof PV mounting system.

The In-Roof System, designed and manufactured by GSE (Groupe Solution Energie SAS), is an integrated PV mounting system for traditional, aluminium framed solar photovoltaic panels.

GSE In-Roof enables both portrait and landscape module installation on all roof types; curved, interlocking, flat and slates. The mounting frames can accommodate roof pitches between 12°-50° on both wooden and metal roof structures.

Depending on panel size and thickness, virtually all photovoltaic panels on the market can be installed using the GSE In-Roof System offering installers flexibility when designing PV arrays.

The GSE In-Roof components list consists of just 4 categories; mounting frames, mounting brackets, flashings and waterproofing. The modular nature of the system means it is easily scalable from small domestic installations to large commercial with user manuals and installation guides to help with whichever installation type is undertaken.

  • Easy to install: modular fixing system
  • Quick to install: 3-5kW systems take as little as 6 hours
  • Flexible: achieve any desired configuration type
  • Lightweight: systems are easy to transport
  • Climate Resistant: -30°C to 100°C
  • Waterproof: 100% watertight when tested in severe climatic conditions
  • Recyclable: polypropylene frames and steel/aluminium fixings are 100% recyclable
  • Warranty: Guaranteed for 10 years, SMABTP backed warranty

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