SolarEdge - StorEdge Interface for Single Phase Inverters
SolarEdge - StorEdge Interface for Single Phase Inverters

SolarEdge StorEdge Interface for Single Phase Inverters

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The StorEdge interface is an integral component of the StorEdge DC couple storage solution. This solution allows homeowners to maximise self-consumption, enabling energy independence. It is compatible with the LG Chem RESU range.

The StorEdge interface enables the connection between the LG Chem RESU7H battery and any SolarEdge single phase solar inverter (not HD Wave). The interface is simple to install and connect with the battery and the SolarEdge meter. The interface connects to the SolarEdge inverter in parallel to the PV Strings. It is designed to eliminate DC voltage and current during installation, maintenance and firefighting.

The StorEdge solution is also based on the following products:


In addition to the SolarEdge inverter€š€žs capabilities as a DC-optimised solar PV inverter, it also manages both battery and system energy.


The SolarEdge Meter is essential for managing self-consumption levels. The meter will provide production and consumption readings.

Please Note: StorEdge can be retrofitted to existing single phase SolarEdge installs where the inverter was manufactured after week 37 in year 2015. To check when an inverter was manufactured, refer to its serial number - the 3rd and 4th characters indicate the production week number and the following two characters indicate the year. For example, an inverter with serial number SJ3715A-07F004FE5-B3 was manufactured in week 37 2015. If you have a SolarEdge Inverter manufactured between December 2013 and WK37 2015 then an upgrade kit is available from SolarEdge.


Technical Specifications


 SKU Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) Weight (kg)
SESTI-S1 206.6 x 316 x 117.5 3.0
SESTI-S2 206.6 x 316 x 117.5 3.0
SESTI-S4 206.6 x 316 x 117.5 3.0

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