SolarEdge Home 10kWh Battery
SolarEdge Home 10kWh Battery

SolarEdge Home 10kWh Battery

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£ 6,296.99
£ 6,296.99
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Optimised for SolarEdge StorEdge with HD-Wave technology inverters

• Maximized system performance, gaining more energy to store and use for on-grid and backup power applications

• Integrates with the complete SolarEdge residential offering, providing a single point of contact for warranty, support, training, and simplified logistics & operations
• DC coupled battery featuring superior overall system efficiency
• Scalable solution for increased power and capacity with multiple SolarEdge inverters and batteries
• Solar, storage, EV charging, and smart devices  all monitored and managed by a single app to optimize solar production, consumption and backup power
• Wireless communication to the inverter, reducing wiring, labor and installation faults
• Simple plug and play installation, with automatic SetApp-based configuration 
• Includes multiple safety features for battery protection at all times

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